Joe Girardi, Doing It The Hard Way -- Just The Way He Likes It

By: HH Francis Fantino

There was a day back in March of this year when Mariano Rivera said "This is it for me. When the season is over I am done and I am going home to preach." You can understand the man, Mariano has dedicated more the thirty years of his life to baseball. It turns out that none of us knew how great this man would be.  How in and out of those pinstripes he would carry himself with so much grace and dignity competing with Yankee royalty. It also turns out we did not know how great Joe Girardi really is!!!!  Nobody can say, day after day, the Yankees under Girardi doesn't come to win, from the surprise of  Lyle Oberbay to the quiet hero of Jayson Nix, they all come to play. The Yankees once again have proved that no matter how much money you invest on the field the game is really played between those white lines, and the outcome usually benefits the Yankees. With all the injuries it would of been easy to call it a season and with good reason. (Did you think the Yankees were this good with half the team on the disabled list?) It turns out Robinson Cano is a leader, a threat and a solid all star! It turns out Hiroki Kuroda is the ace, it turns out Boone Logan knows how to keep the peace between the 6th & 7th inning. It turns out Ivan Nova can be a legitimate starter and it also turns out that David Phelps is truly a starter. And they have done it all without their captain Derek Jeter who, without question, signifies what New York City is all about.

Speaking of the captain, one has to feel for him. You don't have to be a fan to see it in his eyes; the desire to be in the field. The 2013 Yankee season reminds me of a great boxing match between Thomas Hearns and the great Ray Leonard in which, Hearns after defeat, said "The reason why I lost was cause I tried so hard." The Yankees, as great as they are with Girardi, pulling out all the stops, doing what nobody thought was possible, might have to understand this. Sometimes trying and doing what is impossible will not guarantee victory.


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