The World Of Sneakers Just Changed – Sneaker Pawn USA

The World Of Sneakers Just Changed – Sneaker Pawn USA


The Sneaker realm knows about third party sellers and resale stores all to well, but nothing like Sneaker Pawn USA in Harlem, NY. One 16-year-old’s love for style and kicks turned into the newest thing in the sneaker world.


Chase Sneakers with help from his father opened Sneaker Pawn USA just 7 weeks ago and they created the very first sneaker pawn shop/retail store in the world. Things happen so fast in the city that never sleeps as the Sneaker Pawn USA has already been covered in just about every major sneaker blog and website there is. They have been on the news numerous times already for the amazing idea and people are flocking to the shop. 


Chase took the time out of his busy summer schedule to sit down and talk with me about the newest wrinkle to the sneaker world that has people all over buzzing.


AA: Where did your love for kicks come from?


CS: I always liked dressing up when I was young. My mom always got me tons of fly gear and she always got me shoes to match. So from a young age I was always one of the best dressed. As I got bigger my mom told me she wasn’t going to keep buying sneakers as they got really expensive so my dad kind of stepped in and started buying shoes every weekend, every time there was a hot release.


AA: What’s your favorite pair of kicks and why?


CS: Oh, it’s got to be the Cool Grey 9’s. They just a slick sneaker and you can rock them with everything.


AA: What’s the first pair of kicks you bought with your own money?


CS: (points to his feet) The Infrared 6’s. I know they pretty recent, but my dad usually buys my kicks so these I bought these after selling some kicks. So that was my money.


AA: Where do you see Sneaker Pawn USA in 5 years?


CS: I think I got a real successful business plan so I hope to expand and franchise out. I want people to see us and spread the word, as we are just another sneaker spot we are an experience. This is a one of kind business and I hope this business stays in my family, you know when I have kids. I would never sell Sneaker Pawn, just keep it in the family.


AA: What was the first pair of shoes pawned in the store?


CS: It’s funny; it was 68 pairs at once. Dude had a bunch of kicks ranging from exclusive Nikes to DB Jordans.


After sitting down with Chase I realize he isn’t just a kid looking to get rich fast or give up on school because he is making a little money; he is really serious about Sneaker Pawn. Chase plans on giving back to Harlem and the Bronx through many charities and hopes to have his own basketball camp, tournament, and team in the future. He says he really wants to uplift people from Harlem and the Bronx. 


Sneaker Pawn USA is located on the corner or 120th St and Lenox Ave in Harlem and if your interesting in pawning anything just bring them by and see what happens. They for the most part are looking for deadstock kicks or very near deadstock. So if your Uptown and into kicks make sure you check this place out.